هنا تجدون قائمة مقالات من قسم  الاقتصاد و المحاسبة مرتبةً وفق أهميتها يمكنكم ترجمتها من الويكيبيديا الإنجليزية إلى العربية. إن كنت جديداً في العمل الويكيبيدي يمكنكك مشاهدة القسم التعليمي لترى كيفية إنشاء المقالات بشرح مُبَسط.

Adaptive expectationsBurroughs Corporation
Carl MengerVisiCalc
Economy of the Cook IslandsNet profit
Economic calculation problemStock market bubble
Economic and monetary unionFIFO and LIFO accounting
List of economistsGenerally Accepted Accounting Practice (UK)
Economy of the Falkland IslandsCarl McCall
Economy of French PolynesiaLiability
Economy of French GuianaAbraham Beame
Free to ChooseAccounting reform
Economy of GibraltarAmerican Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Economy of the Isle of ManGovernmental Accounting Standards Board
Insider tradingInternational Accounting Standards Committee
Kondratiev waveEnvironmental full-cost accounting
Monopolistic competitionChinese accounting standards
Economy of MontserratGovernment Accountability Office
Malthusian catastropheExpense
Natural monopolyCost of goods sold
Economy of New CaledoniaLong-term liabilities
Perfect competitionNorm Peterson
ReaganomicsCapital gain
Single marketTriple bottom line
Tragedy of the anticommonsOBERAC
Economy of Western SaharaCapital loss
Cross of Gold speechAlliance for Audited Media
Price revolutionEarnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization
Indian TradeRichard Causey
Imperfect competitionNet worth
Free goodAdjusted present value
Economic historyDividend yield
Human capitalAccounts payable
Lأ©on WalrasPayroll
Effect of taxes and subsidies on priceDavid Duncan (accountant)
Deadweight lossSheila Fraser
Measures of national income and outputCost accrual ratio
Post-Keynesian economicsCarswell (publisher)
Piero SraffaKathryn J. Whitmire
Industrial organizationAnn Corcoran
IS–LM modelMargaret Jackson
Office of Price AdministrationNational Audit Office (United Kingdom)
Local currencyUnited Kingdom corporation tax
ExternalityReverse mortgage
Financial economicsRefinancing
Railway ManiaSherron Watkins
Economic history of ArgentinaHermes Conrad
Kaldor–Hicks efficiencyMartin H. Glynn
Bounded rationalityReceivership
SatisficingD'Lo Brown
Work for hireFree cash flow
Economic indicatorComptroller of the Treasury
Silvio GesellCashier
Local exchange trading systemJim Balsillie
New Keynesian economicsEncumbrance
Homo economicusWilliam Donald Schaefer
Arrow's impossibility theoremForensic accounting
Price fixingThroughput accounting
Perverse incentiveRevaluation of fixed assets
RogernomicsJulian McGauran
Black–Scholes modelCash and cash equivalents
Value at riskComptroller
Disposable and discretionary incomeBob Bullock
John Law (economist)Tobin's q
RegulationEarnings before interest and taxes
Two-part tariffNet D
What Is Property?J. Millard Tawes
Parable of the broken windowRoss Finnie
Late capitalismAccount (accountancy)
CollusionReturn on capital
Profit maximizationComptroller of the Household
Concentration ratioDaniel Pope Cook
Herfindahl indexCertified General Accountant
Gramm–Leach–Bliley ActCPA Australia
Glass–Steagall legislationChartered Institute of Management Accountants
Pork barrelPeter Gresham
Rudi DornbuschEmerson Harrington
Market systemPhillips Lee Goldsborough
Industrial policyBad debt
Public goodDays sales outstanding
Moral hazardJohn Steele (North Carolina politician)
Ecological economicsOffice of the Comptroller of the Currency
Risk aversionWilliam Pinkney Whyte
Feminist economicsJames Wolcott Wadsworth
OligopsonyRevolving fund
Black Friday (1869)Return on assets
Agricultural productivityNet asset value
Domingo CavalloAccounting information system
Nicholas KaldorAnnual report
Information goodInstitute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland
Information economyInstitute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
Shapley valueChartered accountant
Penny (British decimal coin)Special-purpose entity
Social creditOtto Berman
IndustrialisationBrian Souter
Development criticismDuPont analysis
Currency substitutionBankruptcy in the United States
Value of lifeEarl Orser
Arthur Cecil PigouPost-money valuation
Stockholm school (economics)Shares outstanding
Social welfare functionInstitute of Management Accountants
Eugen Bأ¶hm von BawerkOperating leverage
Principles of Economics (Menger)Elizabeth Holtzman
Historical school of economicsJoel Giambra
Friedrich von WieserAccounting scholarship
Wholesale price indexPEG ratio
Intertemporal choiceMinority interest
Industrial ecologyLouis L. Goldstein
Panic of 1837Capital asset
Road pricingHarold Geneen
Economic equilibriumGenerally accepted accounting principles
Robert AxelrodEarnings management
LiborCredit note
PricingPrannoy Roy
Global financial systemOperating cash flow
Credit unionAccounting management
RationingGrant Thornton LLP
Independence of irrelevant alternativesOperating ratio
Deficit spendingPaul Beeston
Budget constraintAssurance services
Gibbard–Satterthwaite theoremFreight expense
Monetary reformChart of accounts
Prediction marketConsolidated financial statement
Law and economicsGross margin
Progressive taxOff-balance-sheet
Iron law of wagesFred Goodwin
Banking in SwitzerlandEarnings per share
Adverse selectionGAO Human Capital Reform Act
Information asymmetryAccounting period (UK taxation)
BimetallismGovernment Accountability Office investigations of the Department of Defense
Unit of accountDavid M. Walker (U.S. Comptroller General)
Medium of exchangeRisk-adjusted return on capital
Stabilization policyLindsay Carter Warren
The General Theory of Employment, Interest and MoneySharon Lechter
Community-based economicsLoan-to-value ratio
Service economyComptroller General of the United States
Rent-seekingAssociation of Chartered Certified Accountants
InvestorAmortization (business)
Rule of 72Comptroller of Maryland
Ersatz goodHugh Henry
Giffen goodAlpha (finance)
Don BrashQuickBooks
Barriers to entryDawn Clark Netsch
Shock therapy (economics)Association of Accounting Technicians
Maximum sustainable yieldJohn Fletcher (businessman)
Jude WanniskiPaycheck
Inferior goodBenedetto Cotrugli
GeorgismComptroller and Auditor General of India
Jeffrey SachsMichael Howlett
Economic inequalityMark Poloncarz
Coase theoremEquivalent annual cost
Credit riskCapital employed
Endogenous growth theoryDatabase audit
Terms of tradeExternal auditor
Nassau William SeniorConsolidation (business)
Zero interest-rate policyItzhak Stern
Will HuttonDrew Nixon
Trade-offAlison Brimelow
Yvette CooperRevenue recognition
Fractional-reserve bankingSouth African Institute of Chartered Accountants
Criminal recordAccounting equation
Monopoly profitGeorge Wolfe (CPA)
Economy of communist CzechoslovakiaJohn D. Hawke, Jr.
Substitute goodComprehensive income
IncentiveHollywood accounting
Jacob VinerBalance (accounting)
Free-market environmentalismEarnings before interest, taxes, and depreciation
PraxeologyDaniel Hynes
CatallacticsChartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy
Marginal rate of substitutionAlan Reid (courtier)
Via CampesinaCompliance Week
Economic interventionismComptroller General of Convicts (Western Australia)
CliometricsDirect debit
Temporary workMatching principle
Loss functionMargin (finance)
Constructive dismissalHong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Free economic zoneConstruction in progress
Market makerAmerican Arithmometer Company
SeniorityArticled clerk
Herman WoldChinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Causes of the Great DepressionInternational Public Sector Accounting Standards
St. Petersburg paradoxCelebrity bond
Fisher equationProcess costing
Equalization paymentsPeg Phillips
Allocative efficiencyCapitalization rate
Land trustPositive accounting
Reserve Bank of AustraliaConstruction accounting
Planned obsolescenceReturn of capital
Post-industrial societyConstraints accounting
CounterpartyJose Coye
SocioeconomicsAdded value
James Wilson (businessman)Imprest system
Bank of New YorkNet interest margin
List of recessions in the United StatesRestricted stock
Price elasticity of supplyDan Onorato
Nominal rigidityCash management
Energy developmentActivity-based management
Real bills doctrineFixed assets management
Income inequality metricsExtended cost
Eric KieransPhysical inventory
Loss aversionSecurities offering
2004 Canadian federal budgetCost analyst
Lucas critiqueEnvironmental accounting
The Theory of the Leisure ClassGenerally Accepted Auditing Standards
List of corporate collapses and scandalsIrvine Barrow
Enrique V. IglesiasBDO International
Economic materialismErik Peters
Living wageMandy Tam
Development communicationGoing concern
Trade routeAmortization schedule
Rivalry (economics)Accounting analyst
Employment Act of 1946Cynthia Cooper (accountant)
Government Pension Fund of NorwayAccumulated other comprehensive income
Complementary goodReverse stock split
Representative agentAudit risk
Dependency ratioComparison of management accounting and financial accounting
Long DepressionInstitute of Chartered Accountants of India
Managed float regimeNew York City Comptroller
National bankCapital appreciation
Taylor ruleAnnuity (American)
Era of StagnationCookie jar accounting
Okun's lawHarmood Banner
Glass ceilingNancy Naples
Liquidity trapEdward Regan
Fixed investmentKeith Bradshaw (cricketer)
Diego Abad de Santillأ،nModified internal rate of return
LandsbankiAsset recovery
Bracket creepDerek Brownlee
Built-in inflationJoseph Berardino
The Calculus of ConsentHoward Irwin Ross
John Bates Clark MedalFinancial Reporting Council
HouseholdAccounting Standards Board
Principal–agent problemEngagement letter
Trickle-down economicsAccounting for leases in the United States
Consumption functionCurrent ratio
Expected utility hypothesisHardman Lever
Rostow's stages of growthAndy Barker, P.I.
Anglo Irish BankPiet Klijnveld
ScripJohn C. Dugan
Market fundamentalismWilliam Barclay Peat
Community currencyJames Marwick
Comparative staticsBankruptcy alternatives
Jagdish BhagwatiUniversity of Waterloo School of Accounting and Finance
OrdoliberalismFederal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
Quantity theory of moneyHundred Group
Federal funds rateTax expense
Raأ؛l PrebischAnthony Nanula
Eurasian Land BridgeNOPAT
Working poorAccrued liabilities
Price/wage spiralAverage per-bit delivery cost
Arbitrage pricing theoryAzariah C. Flagg
Capital flightAccountor
Efficiency wageLiquidity forecast
Braess' paradoxRSM US
Consumer sovereigntyIndian Audit and Accounts Service
Capital accumulationGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles (Canada)
IsoquantCanadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
Neo-Keynesian economicsDavid Bishop (Neighbours)
WorkforceGeorge Watson (accountant)
CommercialismInstitute of Internal Auditors
Early 1990s recessionInventory turnover
Price gougingFund accounting
Stock and flowProspectus (finance)
ProsumerValuation using discounted cash flows
DirigismeBill Dodd
Reserve requirementContingent liability
Forced assimilationOrville Hodge
Demand curveKeith Bishop (The Office)
John Ramsay McCullochCertified General Accountants Association of Canada
CompetitivenessBudget theory
Harold HotellingEarnings yield
1998–2002 Argentine great depressionDouble counting (accounting)
Genuine progress indicatorInternational Standards on Auditing
Knowledge workerConsignment stock
DivestmentJohn Jay Knox
National Income and Product AccountsCost externalizing
Corporate capitalismFrank De Stefano
Value investingOrphan structure
Contingent valuationJournal entry
Marshallian demand functionPhilip Hampton
Equity premium puzzleAllison Kolb
Economic forecastingMyanmar Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Money illusionFrank Navin
Contestable marketAccounting liquidity
Shift workIndian Railway Accounts Service
Yield managementMateriality (auditing)
Market powerAustralian Accounting Standards Board
Antoine Augustin CournotJeffrey Lucy
Border tradeAdjusted basis
Distribution of wealthTangible property
Private goodCapital recovery factor
Knut WicksellAdrian Deluca
Celso FurtadoCash-flow return on investment
Franz OppenheimerInstitute of Cost Accountants of India
Short-rate modelDefense Establishment Comptroller Unit
Economy of South AmericaEliezer Goldberg
Digital currencyMicha Lindenstrauss
Edgeworth's limit theoremConsultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies
Anarchist economicsChartered Accountants Ireland
Alan BlinderAssociation of Corporate Treasurers
John Bates ClarkCertified Management Accountants of Canada
Monetary Policy CommitteeInstitute of Chartered Accountants Australia
Bellman equationNational Association of State Boards of Accountancy
Arrow–Debreu modelMichael Hirst (politician)
American CenturyRobert Champion de Crespigny
Pacific CenturyAssociation of Authorised Public Accountants
Mason GaffneyUniform Certified Public Accountant Examination
Near moneyInternational Qualification Examination
George Tucker (politician)New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants
Franz Hermann Schulze-DelitzschFIN 46
Edwin Robert Anderson SeligmanKenneth Farmer
Mancur OlsonAlex Shepherd
Money multiplierDepletion (accounting)
Household debtBankruptcy in China
Post–World War I recessionChartered Certified Accountant
LeapfroggingDean A. Hrbacek
Exchange-rate regimeElectronic billing
Artificial scarcityAuthorised capital
Price systemBird Sim Coler
Muscovy CompanyFinished good
Liberal paradoxRSM International
Spaceship EarthRobert S. Kaplan
Theory of the firmBritish qualified accountants
Price indexCertified Accounting Technician
Velocity of moneyChartered Cost Accountant
Bruno FreyGil Blake
Consumer economyPKF International
Marginal revenue productivity theory of wagesBDO USA, LLP
Foreign exchange controlsFrank C. Moore
Information economicsLazarus Joseph
Eric von HippelOther postemployment benefits
Equity (economics)Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants
Computational economicsInstitute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados
Economy of the IroquoisInstitute of Chartered Accountants of Ghana
Price-cap regulationInstitute of Chartered Accountants of Guyana
Peter L. BernsteinInstitute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica
Gross National HappinessBPA Worldwide
Breakout (technical analysis)Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan
BRICInstitute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe
Structural unemploymentMoss Adams
Ordinal utilityIndian CFA
Cardinal utilityBreakage
Goods and servicesE-accounting
Fan LiSingle Audit
Hotelling's lawOMB A-133 Compliance Supplement
Bertrand competitionOperating income before depreciation and amortization
Fisher hypothesisAmatino Manucci
Securities marketAsset turnover
Theory of the second bestArthur Levitt Sr.
Fundamental theorems of welfare economicsPeter Lane, Baron Lane of Horsell
Price levelJohn Davis (U.S. district court judge)
Gordon TullockCalmar ratio
Reduced formMario Procaccino
Autoregressive integrated moving averageAudit Bureau of Circulations (UK)
Instrumental variableFloating capital
Steady-state economyIndirect costs
Effective rate of protectionAlfred C. Chapin
Economy of the Socialist Federal Republic of YugoslaviaHong Kong Accounting Standards
2005 Canadian federal budgetPhilip Orsino
Overlapping generations modelISA 230 Documentation
Dictator gameISA 310 Knowledge of the Business
German modelISA 320 Audit Materiality
Gross marginISA 400 Risk Assessments and Internal Control
Complete informationISA 500 Audit Evidence
Index (economics)Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards
Stackelberg competitionLewis K. Rockefeller
Economic history of the United StatesIra Davenport (politician)
Kazuhide UekusaAnalytical procedures (finance auditing)
Nicholas Stern, Baron Stern of BrentfordAccretion expense
Special economic zones of ChinaHarrison J. Goldin
Economic history of FranceAudit evidence
Discount windowMargin on services
Ariel RubinsteinCaesar Trunzo
Wage labourFixed-asset turnover
Agency costDebtor collection period
Deposit insuranceLegacy costs
Steven LandsburgLorenzo Burrows
Tax resistanceIncremental capital-output ratio
Heckscher–Ohlin modelKevin Malone
Inflation taxOscar Martinez (The Office)
Cost curveAngela Martin
Social enterpriseCharles H. Stanley
Currency crisisJournal of Accounting and Economics
Excess reservesAccelerated depreciation
Aggregate expenditureShrinkage (accounting)
The New FreedomJean-Maurice Simard
Waltham-Lowell systemJohn I. Beggs
Don LavoieOvertrading
Antony FisherManagement representation
Stakeholder theoryMazars
Part-time contractIAS 19
Full-timeCash value added
Mutualism (economic theory)David Stupich
Financial contagionInfection ratio
David Ames WellsGeorge A. Burton
Discounted utilityLean accounting
Petrodollar recyclingIan Macgregor
Location modelLeticia Cline
CointegrationHenry Grubstick
Solow residualThin capitalisation
Slutsky equationCash flow hedge
Complementary currencyJ. Spencer Lanthier
Shahjalal University of Science and TechnologyInstitute of Financial Accountants
Signalling (economics)Business overhead expense disability insurance
New trade theoryAndrew SanFilippo
Core (game theory)Hidden asset
Balanced budgetMenu engineering
Total factor productivityHedge accounting
Ellsberg paradoxOption (finance)
Solow–Swan modelGeoffrey Stevens (British politician)
Paradox of thriftCrowe Horwath International
Golden Rule savings rateRobin Hill, 8th Marquess of Downshire
Anglo-Saxon modelBig bath
Early 2000s recessionOverhead (business)
Economic determinismAccounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal
Roman economyPatrick de Cambourg
Economic collapseIndian Post & Telecommunication Accounts and Finance Service
Migrant workerConvention of conservatism
Menu costOccupancy cost
Random walk hypothesisAccountancy in Hong Kong
Feminization of povertyOutstanding claims reserves
Median incomeConvenience translation
Price mechanismReturn on marketing investment
Bond marketAccounting identity
Roberto LavagnaCash flow forecasting
Argentine debt restructuringInstitute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh
Economic, social and cultural rightsHerbert Taylor (Australian politician)
Reservation priceDavid Robertson (British politician)
Pink-collar workerNight auditor
October 27, 1997, mini-crashLower of cost or market
Backward bending supply curve of labourNegative assurance
Microeconomic reformSampling risk
Benjamin M. FriedmanPerpetual inventory
Surplus productPeriodic inventory
2003 Canadian federal budgetBankruptcy costs of debt
Industrial and provident societyAndreas Syngros
Complete marketExpense management
Economy of Italy under fascismOther comprehensive basis of accounting
Tyler CowenGrant Thornton International
Cost the limit of priceJay Steinfeld
Prices of productionMoney measurement concept
JEL classification codesJoseph Lubin (accountant)
Silver standardTax accounting in the United States
Mundell–Fleming modelMaryland Association of CPAs
Zvi GrilichesAsset retirement obligation
Positional goodFinancial result
CommonsLoan life coverage ratio
Poverty reductionJohn A. Collier
Market structureTotal absorption costing
Fictitious capitalBackflush accounting
Federal Reserve Bank of MinneapolisMichael Bakalis
Plano CollorFergus McAteer
Econometric SocietyGeorge Brain
Alternative currencyFASB 133
Vector autoregressionPBDIT
Heterodox economicsThomas Brentnall
Interest rate parityAshbel P. Fitch
Donald G. SaariBates Cooke
Debt-to-GDP ratioEdward Wemple
Paradox of valueFreeman Clarke
Dickey–Fuller testHerman A. Metz
Algorithmic tradingPhilo C. Fuller
Panel dataCarl Isett
Asian CenturyNet interest spread
Small Is BeautifulColin Strang (politician)
AD–IA modelImpaired asset
Bid riggingEnron scandal
Regulatory captureJob costing
Post-capitalismFurniture, fixtures and equipment (accounting)
Latin American debt crisisSales (accounting)
Theil indexJohn Savage (Congressman)
Austrian business cycle theoryAccounting Standards Review Board
Inflation targetingFinancial Reporting Standards Board
InfonomicsCraig Norgate
Subramanian SwamyNepal College of Accountancy
FlexicurityFactory overhead
National Institute of Statistics and Census of ArgentinaInflation accounting
Stock traderGeorge Touche
Mefo billsGASB 45
A rising tide lifts all boatsCPA Practice Advisor
Replacement valueRichter LLP
Common-pool resourceAltman Z-score
Heckscher–Ohlin theoremK. Rahman Khan
Edward Atkinson (activist)Accredited Business Accountant
Demand-sideDiscounted maximum loss
Normative statementCertified Government Financial Manager
Bonded warehouseCenter for Audit Quality
Linder hypothesisFrederick John Mitchell
Duty (economics)EV/EBITDA
Real interest rateInstitute of Certified Management Accountants
Irish Nationwide Building SocietyCash flow loan
Economic relations of JapanFerrier Hodgson
Liquidity preferenceManagement assertions
Class stratificationJohn Sharp (Texas politician)
Tiebout modelEquity method
Criticism of capitalismExpense account
Domestic marketConvention of disclosure
Marginal valueLarry C. Brewer
Intra-industry tradeEnding inventory
Constant elasticity of substitutionCost of goods available for sale
Ngozi Okonjo-IwealaNet realizable value
Arnold HarbergerOscar Nelson
Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'AutomobilesExpenses versus Capital Expenditures
Fed modelBarbara McKinzie
Regional integrationElizabeth Marshall
Allais paradoxEntity concept
Market mechanismWalsh College of Accountancy and Business
Optimum currency areaCommon stock dividend
Walras' lawGeoffrey Eagar
MarketizationAmortization (tax law)
International monetary conferencesCarryover basis
Misery index (economics)Associate company
Vasicek modelGlobal Accounting Alliance
Price scissorsRoss Gittins
Free trade debateEdwin Waterhouse
Barry NalebuffBasis of accounting
Tendency of the rate of profit to fallCorps of Military Accountants
Private currencyMonth-to-date
Lange modelAuditor independence
FobaproaDebtor days
Capability approachAccounting ethics
Market concentrationInstallment sales method
Differentiated Bertrand competitionDeferred Acquisition Costs
Beige BookClosing entries
Demurrage (currency)L. Denis Desautels
Augmented Dickey–Fuller testBid-to-cover ratio
Malthusian trapJim Wadia
Inverse demand functionInternal Revenue Allotment
World currencyNicholas Dopuch
Newsvendor modelKatherine Schipper
Motivation crowding theoryCharles Arthur Bowsher
Consumers' co-operativeJoel S. Demski
Pre-industrial societyGerald A. Feltham
John RoemerAmerican Accounting Association
Atkinson indexArthur E. Andersen
Economic liberalizationMomentum accounting and triple-entry bookkeeping
Indian CenturyEnvy ratio
Partial equilibriumDeen Kemsley
Research Papers in EconomicsAhmad Abdullah
Workforce productivityEdmund Lowell Jenkins
College tuition in the United StatesInherent risk (accounting)
Net capital outflowCorporate appointeeship
Domestic tradeEquity ratio
Recession of 1958Hyman A. Pressman
Georg Friedrich KnappStephen Haddrill
Modern Monetary TheoryAronson LLC
Double auctionCertified Practising Accountant
Lausanne SchoolElisha Jenkins
Overshooting modelIntergovernmental Working Group of Experts on International Standards of Accounting and Reporting
Social welfare modelSpecial journals
Forward exchange ratePartnership accounting
DemandForeign exchange hedge
Jubilee Debt CoalitionIllinois Comptroller
Capital outflowManagerial risk accounting
Discrete choiceGovernment Auditing Standards
Global commonsIan Livingston, Baron Livingston of Parkhead
A. Ronald GallantHuman resource accounting
2006 Canadian federal budgetClaudio D. Zivic
Nicholas Georgescu-RoegenNorman Betts
Capital controlDetection risk
2002 Canadian federal budgetNew Jersey State Comptroller
Alain EnthovenUnited Kingdom insolvency law
Computable general equilibriumCommuted cash value
Western European colonialism and colonizationEugene Morse
Inventory investmentInvoice processing
David Shapiro (economist)Controlling account
Coherent risk measureDebt ratio
John Maurice ClarkBeth Wood
Fee-for-servicePeter T. Curtenius
Abram BergsonIFRS 5
Economics of securityJohn Vernon Henry
Household income in the United StatesArchibald McIntyre
Missing marketJohn C. Wright (comptroller)
Common good (economics)Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP
Auction theoryWilliam F. Allen (New York)
Broad Economic CategoriesNelson K. Hopkins
History of the United States public debtFrederic P. Olcott
Applied economicsSustainability accounting
Rate-of-return regulationPeter Pasternack
Penny debate in the United StatesFrank Campbell
External debt of HaitiJames A. Roberts
Canadian Investor Protection FundErastus C. Knight
Revelation principleCCH Canadian
David LaidlerFinancial Accounting Foundation
Market microstructureOtto Kelsey
Relative value (economics)Clark Williams
Foundations of Economic AnalysisCharles H. Gaus
Peer-to-peer lendingPakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants
Essays in Positive EconomicsEugene M. Travis
National Institute of Economic and Social ResearchJames A. Wendell
Virtual currencyEarnings quality
Economic Freedom of the WorldInstitute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan
Fiscal incidenceJames W. Fleming
Two-sided marketMorris S. Tremaine
Tacit collusionJoseph V. O'Leary
Happiness economicsJ. Raymond McGovern
Great DivergenceJohn Mason (Scottish politician)
Chinese CenturyFred Brooman
Agustأ­n CarstensC. Scott Grow
Gibraltar Stock ExchangeL. Glenn Perry
Labour market flexibilityPortfolio manager
Chen modelFernand Leblanc
Build to orderAlan Gray Martin
Seasonal adjustmentAcceptable loss
Bhutanese refugeesAccounting Research Bulletins
Compensation principleDeferred financing cost
Andrew CaplinLoss ratio
History of Islamic economicsJeffrey Gramlich
Economy of LondonCanadian Public Accountability Board
Quantal response equilibriumPercentage-of-completion method
William J. BernsteinStarry Lee
Deepak LalBankruptcy prediction
Recession of 1953Harry D. Yates
Willingness to payThe Accounting Review
Economic discriminationJournal of Accounting Research
Economic and Social Research CouncilCapital allowance
Convex preferencesFitzPatrick 1932
Market shareJack Liebowitz
Wimbledon EffectSustainable growth rate
Spot–future parityResource consumption accounting
Giovanni DosiDividend cover
Six forces modelInventory valuation
Optimal taxNew Zealand Conceptual Framework
Leakage effectCrowe Horwath
Business economicsConvention of consistency
Schools of economic thoughtIAS 39
Economy of Northern CyprusEV/Sales
Demand for moneyBill Adolph
Justice (economics)Abdul Samad Alias
Commercial liberalismGrenzplankostenrechnung
Family economicsGeorge F. Comstock
Gandhian economicsAccounting in Malaysia
BoondoggleInternational Auditing and Assurance Standards Board
Feldman–Mahalanobis modelVinod Rai
Soft landing (economics)Certified Public Accountants Association
Economic crisis of CameroonDavid Ross (businessman)
Knowledge marketAllied Academies
Financial market efficiencySustainability measurement
Socially responsible investingBeard Miller Company
Too big to failInstitute of Certified Practising Accountants
Economy of metropolitan DetroitExit rate
Asset–liability mismatchMatthew Boxer
Product life-cycle theoryCarl Kotchian
2007 Canadian federal budgetBKD, LLP
List of auto shows and motor shows by continentGoodman School of Business
Monetary inflationLoleta Didrickson
Knowledge valueGAO Journal
Economy of CornwallGAO Review
Economy of the Song dynastyJoseph Campbell (accountant)
Gross value addedInternational Journal of Government Auditing
Differential accumulationBorrowing base
Anglo-American loanBias ratio
Nancy FolbreCharles E. Johnson (government official)
Susan AtheyCheck register
Three-sector theoryDoeren Mayhew
Template:Austrian School economistsJohn L. Crain
Template:KeynesiansK-factor (actuarial)
Barriers to exitPatent encumbrance of large automotive NiMH batteries
Foreign direct investment in IranAverage accounting return
Economy of ChennaiGeorge W. Lindberg
Elhanan HelpmanOne-for-one checking
Cultural economicsKermit Bloomgarden
ExciseInstitute of Singapore Chartered Accountants
Property cycleDilutive security
Nordic modelError account
Social financePhilip Cox (businessman)
Bank of England note issuesOmega ratio
Quasi-experimentMarvin Cheung
Alberto AlesinaVantis
Income inequality in the United StatesCCH (company)
Dynamic stochastic general equilibriumNet income per employee
Economic ideologyHenry M. Dawes
Economic System of SocialismClearing account
Market manipulationRoyal Mail Case
Repugnant marketAccounting rate of return
Njuguna Ndung'uAccounting Standards Codification
Search theoryRaymond Chabot Grant Thornton
Wayne AngellInternational Financial Reporting Standards requirements
MicrofoundationsPhantom debt
Heteroscedasticity-consistent standard errorsDixon Hughes Goodman
Principles of Economics (Marshall)Days in inventory
Hard landing (economics)Days payable outstanding
Permanent employmentPublic budgeting
Jأ¼rgen StarkTMF Group
Ancient economic thoughtSergei Magnitsky
Sven RydenfeltCliftonLarsonAllen
Liquidity crisisGOPPAR
The Use of Knowledge in SocietyIntegrated reporting
Transatlantic Economic CouncilIAS 7
Economic development in IndiaUHY Hacker Young
Saltwater and freshwater economicsAccounting Today
Income in IndiaT. N. Manoharan
Broad moneyCash collection
Multiplier (economics)Chief audit executive
FinancializationEmphasis of matter
Equity home bias puzzleProfit risk
Foreign direct investment in RomaniaIraqi Union of Accountants and Auditors
Kevin HassettCASA ratio
AD–AS modelFRP Advisory
Keynesian crossVillage accountant
Chronic care managementCork Gully
Wealth inequality in the United StatesLeonard Curtis
Average treatment effectHLB International
Debt service ratioMNP LLP
Payment for ecosystem servicesThe Accountant (magazine)
A Monetary History of the United StatesIrving Leonard (financial adviser)
Information grazingNon-operating income
Income in the United KingdomInternational Federation of Accountants
Coase conjectureP/B ratio
Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic RelationsWrite-off
Great ModerationDeprival value
Carnegie SchoolIndian Accounting Standards
Fiscal gapProfessional accounting body
History of the Federal Reserve SystemCost pool
Debt deflationAccounting in Portugal
Gains from tradeIndian Chartered Accountancy Course
CITIC SecuritiesDella mercatura e del mercante perfetto
Bus manufacturingEV/GCI
Societal views on intellectual propertyContemporary Accounting Research
Economy of Nazi GermanyStella Kilonzo
Diane BellemareNational Society of Accountants
Zinaida Greceanأ®iCROCI
Taleb distributionInstitute of Chartered Accountants of the Caribbean
Economic history of TaiwanCayman Islands Society of Professional Accountants
Heckman correctionInstitute of Authorized Chartered Auditors of Albania
Hernأ،n Bأ¼chiInternational Federation of Francophone Accountants
Poverty in South AmericaIndonesian Institute of Accountants
JobJapanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Human sex ratioOrdre des Experts-Comptables
Greenwood–Hercowitz–Huffman preferencesMarketing metric audit protocol
Economic restructuringStatement of changes in financial position
Interbank foreign exchange marketPlante Moran
John PaulsonOlympus scandal
Water privatization in GuayaquilJournal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance
FIRE economyFair value accounting and the subprime mortgage crisis
Inclusive capitalismCompleted-contract method
Hyperinflation in the Weimar RepublicCash method of accounting
Industrial change in occupied JapanManagement accounting in supply chains
Diamond–Dybvig modelChartered Professional Accountant
Shutdown (economics)Cash receipts journal
Dantzig–Wolfe decompositionVoluntary disclosure
Lucas paradoxIAS 1
Beijing ConsensusIAS 37
Causes of the United States housing bubbleIFRS Foundation
Fama–French three-factor modelConvergence of accounting standards
Public economicsInventory optimization
Gossen's second lawForum of Firms
List of Austrian School economistsList of Filipinos by net worth
Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of CanadaIAS 16
Loanable fundsCyclically adjusted price-to-earnings ratio
Canadian Public Accountability BoardAccelerated Return Note
Abhijit BanerjeeCash sweep
Economy of BiharInsolvency Regulation (EC) 1346/2000
Rogelio Julio FrigerioBanking Codes and Standards Board of India
Natural resource economicsJohn R. McCarl
Economy of the Northern Mariana IslandsJeff Wooller
Outline of economicsNatural capital accounting
Economy of Puerto RicoElectronic invoicing
MonopsonySEC Office of the Whistleblower
Ricardian economicsSultan Choudhury
NAIRUGreenhouse gas emissions accounting
Federal Reserve responses to the subprime crisisIAS 10
Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008IAS 8
Mark to modelLawrence Robson
Marginal profitSocial accounting and audit
Consumption–possibility frontierMayer Hoffman McCann P.C.
Swedish banking rescueSocial accounting
Troubled Asset Relief ProgramIFRS 1
Matching theory (economics)Accounting research
2008 United Kingdom bank rescue packageHistory of accounting
Offset agreementAudit plan
Interbank lending marketAccounting, Organizations and Society
Annual World Bank Conference on Development EconomicsEarnings surprise
Education economicsJ. Randolph (Randy) Lewis
Exchange (organized market)Financial condition report
Demand shockDefensive expenditures
Steven Pressman (economist)Irwin Federman
Global recessionCotton Plantation Record and Account Book
Journal of Economic EducationOhlson o-score
Economic history of ScotlandAnnual recurring revenue
Temporary Liquidity Guarantee ProgramIFRS 9
Steven HorwitzIFRS 10, 11 and 12
Philippe AghionIFRS 15
Wealth, Virtual Wealth and DebtIFRS 4
Noisy market hypothesisISAE 3000
Economic liberalisation in IndiaAsset health management
Copyright termInvoice price
Max KeiserDavid P. Norton
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009Abraham J. Briloff
2008–09 Keynesian resurgenceCritical Perspectives on Accounting
Dambisa MoyoBow & Arrow
2009 Canadian federal budgetCross-border insolvency
APEC Singapore 2009Australian insolvency law
Pricing scienceProvisional liquidation
Great Depression in IndiaHong Kong insolvency law
Great Recession in EuropeIFRS 16
Great Recession in AsiaAudit Board of Indonesia
Great Recession in the AmericasCollection agency
Great Recession in Africa
Great Recession in Oceania
Economy of the Han dynasty
Keynesian Revolution
Lost Decade (Japan)
Economic history of China before 1912
Return on investment
Redistribution of income and wealth
Linda Bilmes
Animal spirits (Keynes)
Marginal product of labor
Global Enabling Trade Report
International monetary systems
Tax protester
Subprime mortgage crisis solutions debate
2010 United States foreclosure crisis
Nicholas Eberstadt
Willingness to accept
2009 Supervisory Capital Assessment Program
Asset (economics)
Alternative employment arrangements
Business sector
Michael Mousseau
History of macroeconomic thought
Economic history of China (1912–49)
Melvin J. Hinich
Risk parity
Global saving glut
Jacques Drأ¨ze
Cross-national cooperation and agreements
Adrian Pagan
Historical Statistics of the United States
Automotive industry in the United States
Consumer support estimate
Money burning
Post-war displacement of Keynesianism
1990s United States boom
1973–75 recession
Chicken tax
Functional finance
Behavioral portfolio theory
Charles R. Morris
Economy of Milan
AK model
Post–World War II economic expansion
Richard Werner
National Industrial Recovery Act
Amoroso–Robinson relation
Indian Ocean trade
Public budgeting
Mikhail Tugan-Baranovsky
ASEAN–China Free Trade Area
Inequality of bargaining power
Richard Jolly
Anthony Thirlwall
Iranian subsidy reform plan
List of crowdsourcing projects
Charalambos D. Aliprantis
European debt crisis
Volcker Rule
Development ethics
2010 Canadian federal budget
Japanese colonial empire
Michael Barr (Treasury official)
Government-granted monopoly
Jock R. Anderson
Macroprudential regulation
Structure of the Federal Reserve System
Public domain in the United States
Orphan works in the United States
Roger Backhouse (economist)
Random walk model of consumption
Laurence Tubiana
Brander–Spencer model
Investor-state dispute settlement
Robert W. Clower
Fan Gang
International Economic Development Council
Capitalist peace
Fiscal union
Committee for the Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel
Commodity production
Heuristics in judgment and decision-making
Conjectural variation
Welfare's effect on poverty
Economy of Washington (state)
Casimir Sienkiewicz
Higher education bubble in the United States
Taxation in premodern China
Unemployment in the United States
Franklin Allen
Morgan Kelly (economist)
Currency war
Great Recession in South America
Great Recession in the United States
Shapley–Folkman lemma
Trading nation
Philip Booth (economist)
Renminbi currency value
Productivity improving technologies
New neoclassical synthesis
Mumbai Consensus
Seoul Development Consensus
Real business-cycle theory
Housing inequality
Widjojo Nitisastro
African Centre for Development and Strategic Studies
Marc Lavoie
Graciela Chichilnisky
Non-convexity (economics)
Convexity in economics
European Systemic Risk Board
2008 Canadian federal budget
Project Merlin
A Farewell to Alms
Resource dependence theory
Albert Ando
Deposit account
Edward Webster Bemis
Friedrich von Hermann
Circular economy
Relative value unit
Enclave economy
Mandatory tipping
Foreign trade of South Africa
Economic antisemitism
Economy of Austria-Hungary
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy
Unemployment in the United Kingdom
Criticisms of welfare
Facilitation board (economics)
Ragnar Nurkse's balanced growth theory
Entitlement reform
Wage reform in the Soviet Union, 1956–62
W. Michael Cox
The Great Stagnation
Low-level equilibrium trap
Independent Commission on Banking
United Kingdom national debt
Welfare dependency
Economic Survey of India 2011
Public Private Partnership in India
Deviation risk measure
Racial wage gap in the United States
Tax policy and economic inequality in the United States
Foreign trade multiplier
Karl Hermann Bitter
Hernأ،n Lorenzino
Digital divide in the United States
United States policy responses to the Great Recession
Comparisons between the Great Recession and the Great Depression
Monetary circuit theory
Socio-economic mobility in the United States
Economics of marriage
Milan Area C
Women and agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa
Economics handbooks
China-Africa Development Fund
Middle income trap
2012 Canadian federal budget
Charles Dallara
Economy of Scotland in the Middle Ages
Economic liberalization in the post–World War II era
Risk of ruin
Bertrand–Edgeworth model
Greek withdrawal from the eurozone
Informal economy of China
Nationalisation in Pakistan
Socio-economic mobility in Canada
Libor scandal
Taxation in Gibraltar
Wolfson Economics Prize
New Home Economics
Peace economics
Resource efficiency
Gender pay gap in Russia
Outright Monetary Transactions
Direct finance
2010–14 Portuguese financial crisis
New Normal (business)
Optimality model
Alexander Ivanovich Chuprov
1993 Canadian federal budget
Gender inequality in Thailand
Gender inequality in China
2012–13 Cypriot financial crisis
Youth unemployment
Causes of the European debt crisis
United States Economic Census
Women migrant workers from developing countries
Women in cooperatives
Trade globalization
Financial integration
Suzanne Scotchmer
Foreign Direct Investment in Kosovo
History of the British national debt
2013 Canadian federal budget