هنا تجدون قائمة مقالات من قسم  الرياضيات مرتبةً وفق أهميتها يمكنكم ترجمتها من الويكيبيديا الإنجليزية إلى العربية. إن كنت جديداً في العمل الويكيبيدي يمكنك مشاهدةة القسم التعليمي لترى كيفية إنشاء المقالات بشرح مُبَسط.

Algorithms for calculating variance
Almost all
Associative algebra
Algebraic extension
Annals of Mathematics
Algebraic closure
Boolean algebra (structure)
Brouwer fixed-point theorem
Borel measure
Banach algebra
Boolean satisfiability problem
Bayesian probability
Continuum hypothesis
Chaitin's constant
Cotangent space
Center (group theory)
Dual space
Difference engine
Dual polyhedron
Direct product
Equivalence class
Expander graph
Elliptic integral
Group action
Geometric algebra
Hilbert's basis theorem
Regular icosahedron
Inverse limit
Integral domain
Lie algebra
Logical conjunction
Filter (mathematics)
Class (set theory)
Constructivism (mathematics)
Normal subgroup
Non-deterministic Turing machine
Oracle machine
Probability interpretations
Partial function
Power set
Principia Mathematica
Power law
Primitive recursive function
Pell's equation
Prime ideal
Regular language
Robert Langlands
Riemann integral
Ring homomorphism
Category of sets
Surface area
Separable space
Stokes' theorem
Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
Transfinite induction
Tensor product
Uniform continuity
Uniform space
Best, worst and average case
Actual infinity
Haar measure
Minimum spanning tree
Klein four-group
Zipf's law
Borel set
Measurable function
Conservative force
Almost everywhere
Complete lattice
Limit superior and limit inferior
Natural transformation
Likelihood-ratio test
Abelian category
Lp space
Clifford algebra
Simpson's paradox
Banach fixed-point theorem
Atlas (topology)
Maximal ideal
Paracompact space
Locally compact space
Cox's theorem
Conjugacy class
Alternating group
Gaussian quadrature
Convergence of random variables
Liouville number
Natural deduction
P-adic number
Cantor's diagonal argument
Zorn's lemma
Extended real number line
W. T. Tutte
Axiom of extensionality
Axiom schema of replacement
Axiom of power set
Prim's algorithm
Adjoint functors
Sylow theorems
Unification (computer science)
Kuratowski's theorem
Baire category theorem
Harmonic function
Krull dimension
Linear subspace
Horizontal line test
Finitely generated abelian group
Linear-feedback shift register
Quadratic formula
Formal power series
Cauchy's integral theorem
Boy's surface
Radius of convergence
Genus (mathematics)
Complete category
Busy beaver
100-year flood
Hugo Steinhaus
Boundary (topology)
Bifurcation diagram
Tychonoff's theorem
Winding number
Lambert W function
Breadth-first search
Row and column spaces
Hermann Grassmann
Presentation of a group
Bernoulli process
General linear group
Spectral theorem
Riemann curvature tensor
Cholesky decomposition
Chain complex
Sufficient statistic
Stereographic projection
Nilpotent group
Dedekind domain
Centralizer and normalizer
Monotone convergence theorem
Japanese numerals
Hilbert's Nullstellensatz
Combinatory logic
CPT symmetry
Divergence theorem
Linear function
Forcing (mathematics)
Generalized Riemann hypothesis
Hilbert's third problem
Hilbert's second problem
Dedekind group
Root-finding algorithm
Local ring
Kleene's recursion theorem
Tree decomposition
Lagrange multiplier
Ball (mathematics)
Concrete category
Archimedes Palimpsest
Intuitionistic logic
Langlands program
Cyclotomic polynomial
L. E. J. Brouwer
Rotation group SO(3)
Unitary group
Special unitary group
Pythagorean comma
Hypergeometric distribution
Regression toward the mean
Arithmetical hierarchy
Hall's marriage theorem
Self-adjoint operator
Axiomatic system
Normal operator
Petersen graph
Metric tensor
Levi-Civita symbol
Gradient descent
Covariance and contravariance of vectors
Directed acyclic graph
Normal number
Binary classification
Tangent bundle
Packing problems
Harmonic number
Set-builder notation
Exterior derivative
Differential form
De Rham cohomology
Exterior algebra
Frequency distribution
Clopen set
Automorphic number
Amortized analysis
Cartesian closed category
Product (category theory)
Indicator function
Zariski topology
Scalar multiplication
John Tate
Abelian variety
Adele ring
Group cohomology
Asymptotic equipartition property
Covering space
Burnside's lemma
De Branges's theorem
Sequent calculus
Absolute continuity
Experimental mathematics
Rayleigh distribution
Differential operator
Fresnel integral
Martingale (probability theory)
Building (mathematics)
Range (mathematics)
Exponential map (Riemannian geometry)
Ricci curvature
Extreme value theorem
Dynkin diagram
Mathematics and architecture
Gaussian curvature
Inverse function theorem
Global field
Risch algorithm
P-adic analysis
Introduction to gauge theory
Combinatorial game theory
Aleph number
Arithmetization of analysis
Von Neumann algebra
Symplectic geometry
Chern class
Inversive geometry
Conformal geometry
Coxeter group
Perturbation theory (quantum mechanics)
Homotopy group
Adjoint representation
Connection (mathematics)
Heyting algebra
Hodge dual
Green's function
Bounded function
Law of total probability
Law of total expectation
Autonomous system (mathematics)
Law of total variance
Jordan normal form
Action (physics)
Star polygon
Synthetic division
Hardy space
Paul Halmos
Zermelo set theory
Modular group
Graph drawing
Reverse mathematics
Bounded variation
Algebra homomorphism
Rate (mathematics)
Regular polyhedron
Graphing calculator
Classical orthogonal polynomials
List of calculus topics
Quantum group
Constructible universe
Average absolute deviation
Leech lattice
Binary Golay code
List of differential geometry topics
List of mathematical logic topics
Betti number
Axiom of countability
Morse theory
Dominated convergence theorem
Germ (mathematics)
CW complex
Graph minor
Generalized hypergeometric function
Moduli space
Idempotent (ring theory)
Antoni Zygmund
Homogeneous space
Separable extension
Braid theory
Principal homogeneous space
Characteristic class
Universal enveloping algebra
Wedge product
Invariant theory
Canonical correlation
Hill climbing
Benjamin Peirce
Projective module
Scheme (mathematics)
Pontryagin duality
Applied probability
Limit ordinal
Gibbs phenomenon
William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition
Prime factor
Mathieu group
Projective linear group
Large cardinal
Spectral radius
Wallpaper group
Separation of variables
Cantor distribution
Connection (vector bundle)
Shiing-Shen Chern
Adjacency list
Nevanlinna theory
Iwasawa theory
Descriptive set theory
Associated bundle
Brauer group
Almost periodic function
Witch of Agnesi
Cauchy principal value
Abelian and tauberian theorems
Cartan connection
Elias M. Stein
Combinatorial optimization
Prenex normal form
Paraconsistent logic
Axiom of countable choice
Non-analytic smooth function
Vitali set
Mutual information
Parabolic coordinates
Motive (algebraic geometry)
Singular homology
Covariant derivative
Catastrophe theory
Conditional expectation
Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture
Short-time Fourier transform
Axiom of dependent choice
List of numerical analysis topics
Von Neumann universe
Dedekind eta function
Heisenberg group
Primitive element theorem
Bilinear form
Theta function
Linking number
Bounded operator
Galois extension
Block matrix
Conservative vector field
Errors and residuals
Standard basis
Discrete group
Lattice (order)
Partition of an interval
Fuchsian group
Injective module
Whitney embedding theorem
Sphere eversion
Branch point
Alfred J. Lotka
Hairy ball theorem
Information geometry
Jacobson density theorem
Artinian ring
Hasse principle
Connected sum
John Pell
Flat module
Coin flipping
Pullback (differential geometry)
Closed graph theorem
Algebraic torus
Register machine
Iterated function system
Antiphon (orator)
Casimir element
Almost complex manifold
Canonical form
Regular polytope
Locally convex topological vector space
Radon measure
Clique (graph theory)
Lists of mathematics topics
Abraham Fraenkel
Extremal graph theory
Algebra (ring theory)
Spectral graph theory
Chebotarev's density theorem
Duality (projective geometry)
Borel regular measure
Logistic distribution
Elliptic operator
Braid group
Density estimation
Graph (abstract data type)
Information bottleneck method
Vertex cover
Approximation algorithm
Global optimization
Baby-step giant-step
Dirichlet problem
Bell polynomials
Compact operator
Hopf fibration
Matching (graph theory)
Quadratic sieve
Barycentric subdivision
Tarski's undefinability theorem
Closed-form expression
Borel subgroup
George Salmon
QR algorithm
Class number problem
Algebraic K-theory
Frobenius theorem (differential topology)
Inequality of arithmetic and geometric means
Affine connection
Duality (mathematics)
Sinc function
Sobolev space
Non-measurable set
Cartan's theorem
Cartan's theorems A and B
Geometric topology
Low-dimensional topology
Algebraic geometry and analytic geometry
Arithmetic group
Analytical hierarchy
Analytic set
Secant method
Asymptotic analysis
Laplace's method
Asymptotic expansion
Alternative hypothesis
K3 surface
E8 (mathematics)
ADE classification
Algebraic surface
Affine plane (incidence geometry)
Spherical trigonometry
Reproducing kernel Hilbert space
Curvature of Riemannian manifolds
Euclidean group
Symmetric algebra
Amenable group
Quantum logic
Eduard Study
Local class field theory
Ancillary statistic
Perfect graph
Perfect graph theorem
Matrix exponential
Line graph
Nonlinear programming
Young tableau
Germinal Pierre Dandelin
Edge coloring
Character theory
Invariant subspace problem
Rotation operator (quantum mechanics)
Buchberger's algorithm
Pons asinorum
Ham sandwich theorem
Connection form
Parseval's theorem
Operator theory
Algebraic stack
Abstract simplicial complex
Snark (graph theory)
Richard E. Bellman
Canonical bundle
Calibration (statistics)
Chordal graph
Strong perfect graph theorem
Dilworth's theorem
Compact group
Complex projective space
Turing degree
Axiom schema
Louis Poinsot
Anders Johan Lexell
Polynomial remainder theorem
Volker Strassen
Bott periodicity theorem
Automorphic form
Curse of dimensionality
Case-control study
List of Boolean algebra topics
Belief propagation
Spectral sequence
Braess' paradox
Bundle (mathematics)
Ext functor
Characterizations of the exponential function
Algebra representation
Line element
Serge Lang
Representation theory of finite groups
Borel functional calculus
Cayley transform
Stationary point
Character table
Kripke semantics
Decidability (logic)
Classical definition of probability
Convergence of Fourier series
Jet bundle
Binomial test
Atomic sentence
Laguerre polynomials
New Foundations
Algebra of sets
Valuation ring
Decomposition of spectrum (functional analysis)
Cauchy space
Derived category
Rate of convergence
Class function (algebra)
Axiom of determinacy
Projectively extended real line
Dirac measure
Burgers' equation
Method of analytic tableaux
Variation of parameters
Bertrand's ballot theorem
Sheaf cohomology
Simplicial homology
Associated Legendre polynomials
Categorical logic
Hearing the shape of a drum
Dirac operator
Igor Shafarevich
Fractional Fourier transform
Homotopy groups of spheres
Stable distribution
Continuous-time Markov chain
Generalized eigenvector
Argument principle
Abelian integral
Bruhat decomposition
Cartan decomposition
Cartan matrix
Transcendental number theory
Complement graph
Ample line bundle
Block design
Bipolar coordinates
Adams operation
Bellman equation
Cathleen Synge Morawetz
Function of a real variable
Branched surface
Optimal design
Cartan subalgebra
Topological property
Areas of mathematics
Angle of parallelism
Skolem's paradox
Affine Lie algebra
Eugene Dynkin
Pell number
Stochastic differential equation
Character group
Orientation (vector space)
Christoffel symbols
Charles Julien Brianchon
Schwarzschild geodesics
Unbounded operator
Choice function
Bessel's inequality
Iterated function
Adjoint representation of a Lie algebra
Variational inequality
Stieltjes constants
Real coordinate space
Coefficient of determination
Vector projection
Autoregressive integrated moving average
Instrumental variable
Jet (mathematics)
Euclidean tilings by convex regular polygons
Brianchon's theorem
Pushforward (differential)
Hilbert's fourth problem
Cardinality of the continuum
Restriction (mathematics)
Connectivity (graph theory)
Algebraic graph theory
Row space
Numerical partial differential equations
Grothendieck group
Geometric invariant theory
Symmetric space
Appell sequence
Hadwiger conjecture (graph theory)
Convex optimization
Asymptotically flat spacetime
Numeral prefix
David Slepian
Bayesian experimental design
Cauchy problem
Inverse semigroup
Egorov's theorem
(B, N) pair
Admissible decision rule
Sample size determination
Bounded set (topological vector space)
Copula (probability theory)
Maximal independent set
Albanese variety
Differential algebra
Blowing up
Convex polytope
Blocking (statistics)
Cartesian tensor
Bijection, injection and surjection
Brownian bridge
Picard group
Classical Heisenberg model
Arc length
Chi distribution
Burnside theorem
Volume element
Renewal theory
Arithmetic genus
Five color theorem
Euclidean plane isometry
Ceiling effect (statistics)
Schanuel's conjecture
Polarization identity
Sampling frame
Hypergeometric function
Schwarz triangle
Luis Caffarelli
Baire space (set theory)
Artin's conjecture on primitive roots
Fibred category
Stiff equation
Radical axis
Topological manifold
Differentiable manifold
Borel equivalence relation
Ordinal arithmetic
Change of variables
Point process
Interval arithmetic
Association scheme
Affine arithmetic
Representation theory of the Lorentz group
Anti-diagonal matrix
Viscosity solution
Coin problem
Rotations in 4-dimensional Euclidean space
Calabi flow
Gauss's lemma (number theory)
Arithmetical set
Borel summation
Bochner's theorem
Blum axioms
Algebraic space
Corrado Segre
Bayesian information criterion
Brunnian link
Connected dominating set
Parallel projection
Banach manifold
Chow coordinates
Cauchy surface
Dual graph
Uniform polyhedron
Integrable system
Bernoulli scheme
Motor variable
Artin reciprocity law
Hungarian algorithm
C. T. C. Wall
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
Floer homology
Boolean-valued model
Cantor's paradox
Hom functor
Boolean-valued function
Combinatorial design
Artin L-function
Circle bundle
Multi-armed bandit
List of convex uniform tilings
Serre's modularity conjecture
Topological K-theory
Circles of Apollonius
Ancestral graph
Clifford's theorem on special divisors
Character sum
Church encoding
Absolute Galois group
PCP theorem
Asymptotic distribution
Branched covering
Zeta function regularization
Hilbert class field
Class number formula
Cartan's criterion
Brauer's theorem on induced characters
Approximation in algebraic groups
Tate module
Bockstein homomorphism
Adjunction formula
Operad theory
CR manifold
Generator (mathematics)
Convex analysis
Imprecise probability
Block-stacking problem
Ado's theorem
Schauder basis
Implementation of mathematics in set theory
Alexander Razborov
Second-order arithmetic
Convex cone
Baire function
Choquet theory
Set-theoretic topology
Unit disk graph
Direct product of groups
Jacques-Louis Lions
Cauchy's convergence test
Arnold tongue
Type (model theory)
Vector-valued differential form
Large deviations theory
Factorization of polynomials
Composition algebra
Second partial derivative test
Tutte polynomial
Join and meet
Charles Sanders Peirce bibliography
Book embedding
Bochner's formula
Universal hashing
Structure (mathematical logic)
Carlson's theorem
Nachbin's theorem
Orbit method
Andrew M. Gleason
Group with operators
Chow group
Alphabet (formal languages)
Generalized minimal residual method
Torsion tensor
Large countable ordinal
Linear canonical transformation
Additive number theory
Sylvester's sequence
Nonparametric regression
Modular elliptic curve
Brauer's theorem on forms
Classification theorem
Sphere theorem
Bounded mean oscillation
Adams spectral sequence
Alternating permutation
Cartan subgroup
Biconnected component
Bob Vaughan
Discrete choice
Binomial regression
Bryan John Birch
Biconnected graph
Orthogonal coordinates
Bispherical coordinates
Bipolar cylindrical coordinates
Weyl character formula
ADHM construction
Scalar field theory
Slutsky's theorem
Random element
Cap product
Classical modular curve
Calabi conjecture
Axiom of limitation of size
Algebraic operation
Geometric function theory
Borel hierarchy
C. S. Seshadri
Gambling and information theory
Music and mathematics
Ehresmann connection
Holonomic function
Bounded quantifier
Schottky group
Category of relations
Regular number
Differential (infinitesimal)
Vector notation
Surgery theory
Cohn's irreducibility criterion
Class formation
Antiderivative (complex analysis)
Torsten Carleman
LU decomposition
Elliptic rational functions
Representation (mathematics)
Computational complexity of mathematical operations
Bessel polynomials
Avi Wigderson
Support (measure theory)
Compact operator on Hilbert space
Introduction to the mathematics of general relativity
History of trigonometry
Classical Wiener space
Uniform polytope
Courant bracket
Bootstrapping (statistics)
Algebraic Geometry (book)
Locally connected space
Bayes estimator
Immersion (mathematics)
Contributions of Leonhard Euler to mathematics
Boolean circuit
Regular dodecahedron
Absolute presentation of a group
Per Enflo
Optimal stopping
Verdier duality
Stochastic simulation
Bundle map
Rotation formalisms in three dimensions
Neighbourhood (graph theory)
FO (complexity)
Ars Magna (Gerolamo Cardano)
Bayesian multivariate linear regression
Hyperconnected space
Steinmetz solid
Gerard Murphy (mathematician)
Circuit complexity
Bessel process
Triangle-free graph
Leonidas Alaoglu
Intersection graph
Cage (graph theory)
Automatic sequence
Carleson measure
Cheeger constant (graph theory)
Rado graph
Inter-rater reliability
Bonferroni correction
Algebraic logic
Quasi-Newton method
Correlation (projective geometry)
Contraharmonic mean
Watts and Strogatz model
Adaptive stepsize
Bias of an estimator
Regular Polytopes (book)
Dual quaternion
Discrete measure
Aczel's anti-foundation axiom
Operational calculus
Peter Hilton
Support function
Algebraic modeling language
Integral element
Algebraic cycle
Oded Schramm
S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan
Virginia Ragsdale
Abel's summation formula
Z* theorem
Regular category
Association for Women in Mathematics
Channel surface
Structure theorem for finitely generated modules over a principal ideal domain
Resolution of singularities
Polynomial greatest common divisor
Anscombe's quartet
Sergey Yablonsky
Spin representation
Bruhat order
Classical group
Crystalline cohomology
Multi-objective optimization
Invariance mechanics
Kantorovich theorem
Standard probability space
Paradoxes of set theory
Eigenvalue perturbation
Elliptic boundary value problem
Standard conjectures on algebraic cycles
Brauer's three main theorems
Residue field
Contraction (operator theory)
Pseudo-Euclidean space
Exact category
Admissible representation
Rule 184
Lillian Rosanoff Lieber
Self-avoiding walk
Bracket (mathematics)
Raising and lowering indices
Hilbert's theorem (differential geometry)
Gauss's continued fraction
Shannon wavelet
Calibrated probability assessment
Harmonic measure
Claw-free graph
Algebraic formula for the variance
Burr distribution
Circuit minimization for Boolean functions
Singular integral
Bryson of Heraclea
Stein's method
Lambda-mu calculus
Stack (mathematics)
Separable algebra
Parity of zero