هنا تجدون قائمة مقالات من أقسام  الهنسة الكهربائية وهندسة الإتصالات مرتبةً وفق أهميتها يمكنكم ترجمتها من الويكيبيديا الإنجليزية إلى العربية. إن كنت جديداً في العمل الويكيبيدي يمكنك مشاهدة القسم التعليمي لترى كيفية إنشاء المقالات بشرح مُبَسط.

هندسة كهربائيةهندسة اتصالات
Portal:RadioTMP Directional Marketing
Volt-ampere reactiveTelecommunications in the Cook Islands
Maximum power transfer theoremEuropean Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations
8VSBDigital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
Adaptive filterElectrical telegraph
Power connectorTelecommunications in the Faroe Islands
Emitter-coupled logicTelecommunications in Greenland
Mentor GraphicsTelecommunications in India
Switched-mode power supplyCommunications in Indonesia
Polyphase quadrature filterKermit (protocol)
Hall effect sensorTelecommunications in Lebanon
Small hydroTelecommunications in Luxembourg
Induction coilLocal-loop unbundling
Y-خ” transformTelecommunications in Mongolia
16VSBTelecommunications in Peru
4VSBTelecommunications in Rwanda
2VSBTelecommunications in Russia
Voltage spikeReal-time Transport Protocol
Fundamentals of Engineering ExaminationTelecommunications in Sudan
List of major power outagesTelecommunications in Suriname
Blind signal separationTotal Access Communication System
Pavel YablochkovTelecommunications in the United Kingdom
Pulse (signal processing)56 kbit/s line
Signal reconstructionPlesiochronous digital hierarchy
ElectrificationBroadband Integrated Services Digital Network
Automatic ElectricSynchronous optical networking
Signal strength in telecommunicationsInverse multiplexer
Network analysis (electrical circuits)Acoustic coupler
Radar cross-sectionA-law algorithm
Category:Nikola TeslaAlternate party
Category:SuperconductorsAutomatic link establishment
Power over EthernetBalanced line
Half time (electronics)Bipolar signal
Analytic signalBit-count integrity
IEEE 802.16Bit pairing
Ring circuitBlock check character
Two-phase electric powerBurst transmission
Harmonic spectrumCalled-party camp-on
Electrical wiringCall processing
Electrical wiring in the United KingdomCall tracing
Cascade converterCassegrain antenna
Rotary converterCharacter-count integrity
Germicidal lampCircuit restoration
Category:Wireless network organizationsCode conversion
Design engineerCollinear antenna array
Transparency (data compression)Combined distribution frame
Wiener filterCommon battery
Chester ThordarsonCommon carrier
Category:SwitchesCommon control
Alexanderson alternatorCommunications blackout
Linear phaseCommunications deception
Threshold voltageCommunications security
Icelandic hydroelectric power stationsCommunications system
Filter bankCompatible sideband transmission
Ball bearing motorComplementary network service
Outline of electrical engineeringConditioning equipment
SwitchgearConference operation
Condensation algorithmContinuous operation
Pulse waveControl communications
Mercury-arc valveControl operation
Asynchronous circuitCord circuit
Pull-up resistorCustomer office terminal
Traction substationCustomer-premises equipment
WalbroCustomer service unit
IEC 61131-3Data bank
Frequency changerData forwarder
AmpacityData link
Linear actuatorData signaling rate
List of PLC manufacturersDelay encoding
Thorn Electrical IndustriesDemand assignment
Transformer oilDesensitation
Wavelet packet decompositionDeterministic routing
Power engineerDifferential Manchester encoding
Mathematical methods in electronicsDigital transmission group
Variable-frequency transformerDirect-sequence spread spectrum
Universal motorDisengagement originator
Variable capacitorDistortion-limited operation
Aluminum building wiringDistributed-queue dual-bus
Index of electrical engineering articlesDiurnal phase shift
SynchroscopeDouble-sideband reduced-carrier transmission
Declared net capacityDrop and insert
CrosstalkDual access
Adaptive beamformerEffective data transfer rate
Continuity testerEffective height
Pearson–Anson effectEffective transmission rate
Wagner ElectricElectrical length
Hartford Electric Light CompanyElectromagnetic survivability
Botnur power plantElectronic deception
Syrdarya Power PlantEmphasis (telecommunications)
CoulometerEnd distortion
Quadrature boosterEndurability
ElectricsEnhanced service
Zero-crossing rateEquivalent pulse code modulation noise
Thermal management (electronics)Burst error
Test engineerEssential service (telecommunications)
Shannon–Weaver modelExempted addressee
Scott-T transformerEye pattern
Joseph PetavelFacsimile converter
Statistical signal processingFlag sequence
Knob-and-tube wiringFlood search routing
Space-time adaptive processingForeign instrumentation signals intelligence
Steane codeForward echo
MUSHRAFour-wire terminating set
Sensitivity indexFrame slip
RF power amplifierFrequency averaging
Spectral slopeFrequency-exchange signaling
Linda ShapiroFunctional profile
ShocknifeGround constants
Mating connectionInformation-bearer channel
Engineering design processInsertion gain
Unity amplitudeInside plant
Warped linear predictive codingInterchange circuit
Electrical codeKendall effect
Spectral fluxLink level
Template:Signal-processing-stubLog-periodic antenna
Onset (audio)Manchester code
Category:Wikipedians with BSEE degreesخœ-law algorithm
Fault current limiterNon-return-to-zero
Singly-fed electric machinePrimary Rate Interface
Computational engineeringProvisioning
Form factor (electronics)Radiation pattern
Spectral flatnessRecorder warning tone
High frequency content measureRound-trip delay time
Cable dressingSingle-mode optical fiber
High-leg deltaT-carrier
BCJR algorithmTime-domain reflectometer
Operational calculusTelecommunications link
Category:Wikipedian electrical engineersCANTAT-1
Delay equalizationCANTAT-3
Strain insulatorReed–Solomon error correction
Pin insulatorDestination user
Brushed DC electric motorUpload
Pico hydroFractal antenna
Fraser FilterTimeline of communication technology
Caroline HaslettQ code
Parity-check matrixMCI Inc.
Spectral centroidRemote concentrator
J operatorEnd instrument
Women in engineering in the United StatesCommunications in Iran
MetadyneBinary symmetric channel
Category:Electronics companies of IsraelSky plc
Stray voltageCategory 3 cable
IEEE styleG.711
Radar engineering detailsList of ad hoc routing protocols
Electrical Engineering Students' European AssociationFreeview (UK)
Control Engineering (magazine)8VSB
Brushless electric motorProject Xanadu
Template:IEEE biographyTelemarketing
Spectral density estimationInteractive voice response
Error-correcting codes with feedbackTelephone directory
Discrete frequency domainHayes command set
Conditional short circuit currentSerial communication
Ward Leonard controlWestern Electric
Category:High-voltage direct currentAir-ground radiotelephone service
Lau Wai ShingOperator logo
Outline of radioBiconical antenna
Quadratic residue codeMobile payment
Effective resolution bandwidthTraffic shaping
RadioJ. R. Hartley
Log-spectral distanceDemarcation point
Receptacle testerPremium-rate telephone number
Nominal power (photovoltaic)Bell Canada
Ampأ¨re's force lawNational Do Not Call Registry
Thermal management of high-power LEDsDVB-T
Heinrich HiesingerCantenna
Fast Walsh–Hadamard transformCyan, Inc.
Adjacent channel power ratioISDB
Ergodic processAdjacent channel
Thermo-magnetic motorIn-band adjacent-channel
Estimation of signal parameters via rotational invariance techniquesSinging telegram
Vector control (motor)16VSB
AC/DC receiver design4VSB
Harmonics (electrical power)2VSB
Spark (mathematics)Data strobe encoding
Functional testing (manufacturing)Dark fibre
Motor capacitorDOCSIS
High-level synthesisComcast
Control channelText messaging
Analog signal to discrete time interval converterTwin-lead
8974Sky UK
Moshe ZakaiReturn-to-zero
Multiscale geometric analysisOut-of-band
Optical rectennaDirectional antenna
Paul Fleetford SiseBusy signal
Edward Fleetford SiseTelephone slamming
Joel EmerCall signs in North America
Category:Electronic engineering publicationsHomochronous
Restricted isometry propertyElectronic Industries Alliance
Neuhof SubstationX.400
Rotary converter plantChannelization (telecommunications)
Electric superchargerSoftBank Group
Photonic metamaterialRogers Communications
Levis De-IcerVidأ©otron
Hellisheiأ°i Power StationRogers Plus
Category:Italian electrical engineersT2FD antenna
Kelvin–Varley dividerRhombic antenna
Universal Verification MethodologyMobileStar
Process variation (semiconductor)IrFM
Raj SenaniMobile phone spam
IEEE Transactions on MagneticsJeff Hawkins
List of Russian electrical engineersReliance Industries
Uniform field theoryCalling party
Random modulationCalled party
List of power stationsToll-free telephone number
Category:Dutch electrical engineersConference call
Category:Austrian electrical engineersCall waiting
Category:Spanish electrical engineersTelenor Hungary
Category:Slovenian electrical engineersVertical service code
Electrical Engineering School of SarajevoRectenna
Category:Electronics companies of MalaysiaInter-Asterisk eXchange
Category:Romanian electrical engineersDirectory assistance
Biot–Tolstoy–Medwin diffraction modelChina Netcom
Y-cableChina Telecom
John Abbet WallsHelical antenna
Minor loop feedbackWhip antenna
Occupations in electrical/electronics engineeringTeleZapper
Category:Electric current555 (telephone number)
Vision chipTelmex
Field strength meterTicker tape
Category:Colombian electrical engineersPan-pan
Category:South African electrical engineersToothing
Category:Turbomachinery8b/10b encoding
Polynomial signal processingBouygues
Energy regulatorThe Source (online service)
Lightbulb socketKPN
Transmission curveEssential bandwidth
Digital storage oscilloscopeLocal Multipoint Distribution Service
Envelope trackingTrunking
Category:Filipino electrical engineersFat tree
John Francis MitchellBluejacking
Identity channelSpeaking clock
Category:Biomedical cyberneticsHybrid fibre-coaxial
S. S. MurthyReis telephone
Waveform shapingBipolar violation
Photon sieveSynthetic aperture radar
Ministry of Electricity and Dams (South Sudan)Monolog
Edison Hotel (Sunbury, Pennsylvania)Director telephone system
Category:Hong Kong electrical engineersBreidbart Index
Template:WikiProject Electrical engineeringArea codes 416, 647, and 437
Category:Electrical engineering articlesArea codes 519, 226, and 548
Category:WikiProject Electrical engineeringArea codes 613 and 343
Category:Electrical engineering articles by qualityN11 code
Category:Electrical engineering articles by importanceGuard tone
Category:Top-importance electrical engineering articlesLast-call return
Category:High-importance electrical engineering articlesJunk fax
Category:Mid-importance electrical engineering articlesArea code 314
Category:Low-importance electrical engineering articlesVirgin Mobile
Category:NA-importance electrical engineering articlesArea codes 201 and 551
Category:Unknown-importance electrical engineering articlesFeeder line (network)
Category:FA-Class electrical engineering articlesJT Group Limited
Category:FL-Class electrical engineering articlesCEPT Recommendation T/CD 06-01
Category:A-Class electrical engineering articlesOpen Platform Communications
Category:B-Class electrical engineering articlesAndover Earth Station
Category:C-Class electrical engineering articlesAdaptive Multi-Rate audio codec
Category:GA-Class electrical engineering articlesBell Aliant
Category:Start-Class electrical engineering articlesCox Communications
Category:Stub-Class electrical engineering articlesVerio
Category:List-Class electrical engineering articlesDigital Signal 1
Category:Unassessed electrical engineering articlesArea code 213
Category:Book-Class electrical engineering articlesArea code 916
Category:Category-Class electrical engineering articlesArea codes 415 and 628
Category:Disambig-Class electrical engineering articlesHayes Microcomputer Products
Category:File-Class electrical engineering articlesArea codes 442 and 760
Category:Redirect-Class electrical engineering articlesFME connector
Category:Project-Class electrical engineering articlesThus (company)
Category:Template-Class electrical engineering articlesIEEE 802.16
Category:NA-Class electrical engineering articlesCircuit Switched Data
Category:Portal-Class electrical engineering articlesRobbed-bit signaling
Category:Electrical engineering articles needing attentionElectric Telegraph Company
Category:WikiProject Electrical engineering participantsCrossover cable
Blocked rotor testOptimized Link State Routing Protocol
Teresa H. MengTelephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991
Hervأ© LaborneLine driver
Category:Power stations in JerseyAutomated attendant
Short circuit ratioNode (networking)
Torque rippleArea codes 508 and 774
Thyristor switched capacitorITU T.50
Conductor clashingBeverage antenna
Altitude SEE Test European PlatformAd hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing
Robert H. ParkVoIP spam
HVDC converterBusiness telephone system
Compliant bondingVoxx International
Generator interlock kitMTS (network provider)
Category:Imperial Russian electrical engineersArranmore
Noise (signal processing)Area code 805
Category:Israeli electrical engineersArea codes 819 and 873
Category:Greek electrical engineersLeaky bucket
Category:Finnish electrical engineersSendo
Slotted lineVoice over WLAN
Cable grommetHalf Rate
Sawyer motorAdaptive Multi-Rate Wideband
High-field domainG.728
Exchange spring magnetExtended Adaptive Multi-Rate – Wideband
History of Maxwell's equationsArea code 867
Electronic bidetFreeMove
Carlos KatzZMODEM
Nengo Bridge Hydroelectric Power StationXMODEM
Rope lightSwitch and Data
Common rail (electricity)Vivo (telecommunications)
Transposed excitationGlobal Certification Forum
SAMCOSouthern Cross Cable
PseudocapacitanceIP Multimedia Subsystem
Double-layer capacitanceDetection theory
Dennard scalingMarconi Company
CoulombmeterCurrent loop
Ground continuity monitorIS-641
Kernel adaptive filterAll Red Line
Victor On-kwok LiCarphone Warehouse
PulsonixBelmont transmitting station
International Electrotechnical VocabularyTele-Communications Inc.
Lukovo Pole hydro power projectSiemens Mobile
Vittorio CroizatCall login system
C37.94Horn antenna
Bob Adams (electrical engineer)Conditional-access module
Peter E. CainesWachenbrunn transmitter
Dahlander pole changing motorFernsehturm Heidelberg
IEEE Maxwell AwardFlorianturm
VHPreadyLakihegy Tower
Aluminum electrolytic capacitorComputer-assisted telephone interviewing
ChemiresistorDo not call list
Xiaodong Wang (electrical engineer)National Do Not Call List
UpverterDecimation (signal processing)
Chandima GomesUpsampling
Thyristor conduction angleSunil Mittal
Category:Wireless community networksPorthcurno Telegraph Museum
La Coche Power StationOversampling
Kimberly Bryant (technologist)FS-1015
Woolrich Electrical GeneratorFS-1016
Adolphe Alexandre ChailletTiscali
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of VarnaArea code 251
Adaptive voltage scalingArea code 252
Carrier-envelope phaseCrossed field antenna
Ruby B. LeeRebekah Brooks
Eby FriedmanArea code 646
Unit commitment problem in electrical power productionDonna Dubinsky
Brookfield Glass CompanyDeLorme
Adelanto Converter StationArea codes 310 and 424
Debatosh GuhaCustomer proprietary network information
Mary-Ann (turbine generator)Area code 323
FractalgridOi (telecommunications)
Bus ductTornado code
Fast DormancyNaked DSL
Template:Thomas EdisonHeterodyne detection
Herbert Grove DorseyBharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
Harold Horton SheldonHeat coil
Michael HonigArea code 612
David R. Brown (engineer)Area code 218
Bus bridgeArea code 507
Category:Municipal wireless networksArea code 320
Charles H. PapasArea code 651
Parallel (operator)Area code 763
Wanda GassArea code 952
Arturo Salazar ValenciaWinter Hill transmitting station
Gianelli Power PlantLORAN-C transmitter Rantum
Eiأ°i power plantMobile QoS
Patrick G. O'SheaWullenweber
Swing EquationTwig Com
SS Jacona (1918)Lahti longwave transmitter
Kenneth L ShepardLycos Europe
P. P. VaidyanathanTraffic policing (communications)
B-H analyzerMahanagar Telephone Nigam
Area codes 657 and 714
Redruth transmitting station
Generic cell rate algorithm
Alex (videotex service)
Area code 312
Motorola Razr
TracFone Wireless
Harris Corporation
M1 Limited
Authentication and Key Agreement (protocol)
Area code 917
Digi Telecommunications
Destination routing
Maxis Communications
Passive optical network
66 block
110 block
Area codes 630 and 331
Area code 949
Area code 619
Scientific Atlanta
Airline teletype system
NICE Systems
Computer-assisted personal interviewing
Channel code
Music on hold
Trunked radio system
Call pickup
Switched fabric
Carrierless amplitude phase modulation
Tin can telephone
Wireless Transport Layer Security
Area codes 305 and 786
Area codes 514 and 438
Electronic organizer
H.323 Gateway
Area code 562
Commercial bandwidth
Hotspot gateway
Signaling protocol
Area code 868
Microstrip antenna
Mast radiator
Caradon Hill transmitting station
Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company
C Spire Wireless
Area codes 706 and 762
Area code 907
Discone antenna
J-pole antenna
Area code 858
Area code 202
Breakup of the Bell System
Message-waiting indicator
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
Call-progress tone
Answer tone
Area codes 781 and 339
Optical fiber connector
Central office multiplexing
Siemens Brothers
Atlantic Telegraph Company
Area codes 847 and 224
Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line 2
Dial plan
Patch antenna
Isotropic radiator
Vodafone Ukraine
Mobile phone content advertising
Area code 626
Silent call
Telesur (Suriname)
Global Cloud Xchange
Not happy, Jan!
Area codes 203 and 475
Secure Real-time Transport Protocol
Inter-working function
Drift (telecommunication)
Amplitude-companded single-sideband modulation
Short Message service center
Return channel
Williams Companies
Psychic Friends Network
Packet Assembler/Disassembler
Broadcasting (networking)
Area code 441
Area code 246
Area code 242
Marconi National Historic Sites of Canada
Area codes 812 and 930
HRS antenna
Synchronization in telecommunications
Bridge tap
Hawaiian Telcom
Municipal wireless network
Orbita (TV system)
Cricket Wireless
Monopole antenna
James Blair Down
Claro Americas
Area code 928
Area code 623
Special information tones
Punch-down block
Multi-mode optical fiber
Area code 239
Consolidated Communications
Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service
Proportionally fair
International Cospas-Sarsat Programme
Frame Relay Assembler/Disassembler
Inverse Multiplexing for ATM
KT Corporation
Area codes 615 and 629
Enterprise Campaign Management
Evolved antenna
Category 4 cable
DOCSIS Set-top Gateway
Enhanced Network Selection
6b/8b encoding
Institute for Telecommunication Sciences
Category 1 cable
Category 2 cable
Island Telecom
Clearing (telecommunications)
Virgin Media
Network analyzer (electrical)
Verizon New Jersey
Short backfire antenna
Quality of experience
Sample rate conversion
Illinois Bell
Telephone Preference Service
Area code 951
New Zealand Name Removal Service
Area code 250
Hybrid automatic repeat request
Voice broadcasting
NCO Group
Block (telecommunications)
Area code 661
Entrance facility
Direct Access Test Unit
Off-hook tone
Reorder tone
Area codes 778 and 236
Area codes 306 and 639
Area code 403
Area code 780
Area code 807
Area code 506
Area codes 902 and 782
Area code 709
Area codes 450 and 579
BT Archives
Apollo (cable system)
Area code 347
Area codes 617 and 857
IEEE 802.1ag
Area code 602
Area code 480
Area code 520
Channel (broadcasting)
ISO/IEC 11801
Caller ID spoofing
Packet loss concealment
Telecommunications Industry Association
Electrophone (information system)
Area code 925
Amأ©rica Mأ³vil
Area code 209
Area codes 408 and 669
Area code 510
Area code 530
Area code 707
Area code 831
Dry loop
Digital Subscriber System No. 2
Double-clad fiber
Area codes 215 and 267
Area codes 240 and 301
Area codes 410, 443, and 667
Open communication
Area code 205
Area codes 978 and 351
Nokia Game
FM- and TV-mast Ryki
Area code 217
Area code 207
Maximum throughput scheduling
Area code 206
Area code 210
Qwest Corporation
Animated political cartoons
William G. McGowan
Area codes 214, 469, and 972
Area codes 281, 346, 713, and 832
Area code 830
Area code 915
Area code 432
Area code 806
Area code 940
Area code 956
Area code 361
Area code 979
Area code 409
Area codes 512 and 737
YP Holdings
Area code 254
Area codes 430 and 903
Claro Repأ؛blica Dominicana
Starmap Mobile Alliance
Area codes 682 and 817
Area code 936
Loren M. Berry
Sage Telecom
CBD Media
Area code 319
Area code 253
List of SIP response codes
Post Office Telecommunications
Pay-per-call advertising
Telenor Serbia
Area codes 256 and 938
WIND Hellas
Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment
International gateway exchange
Telecommunications in Montenegro
National Telephone Company
Mobile VoIP
Siemens Communications
Ethernet in the first mile
Area code 856
Digital cross connect system
Nokia Networks
High-bit-rate digital subscriber line
Telephone numbers in Montenegro
Universal Service Fund
Telecom dispute between Gibraltar and Spain
Area codes 860 and 959
Ta' Kenuna Tower
Area code 219
Quad antenna
Area code 231
Area code 605
Area code 406
Area code 228
Area code 662
Area code 225
Area code 502
Area code 216
UK Online
Area code 816
Danger Inc.
Party line (telephony)
Area code 229
Chow Tai Fook Enterprises
Annan Committee
Tellme Networks
SIP URI scheme
Telekom Srbija
Sri Lanka Telecom
Letter of Agency
Area codes 571 and 703
Area codes 503 and 971
Rubber ducky antenna
Shoe phone
Optical Transport Network
RRH Portreath
Warid Pakistan
Dialer management platform
History of the telephone
SR Telecom
Mobile country code
Chain Home Low
Central Plains Media
Bleialf transmitter
Folded unipole antenna
Sky Broadband
Busy-hour call attempts
Virtual queue
LTR Standard
PassPort NTS
LTR Standard and Passport
LTR MultiNet
64b/66b encoding
Acoustic telegraphy
Telekom Austria
Skills-based routing
COSMOS (telecommunications)
Information and Communications Technology Council
Video remote interpreting
Cable compound
Helio Kickflip
BlackBerry Charm
Flensburg-Engelsby transmitter
Telecom Plus
Clos network
Hierarchical cell structure (telecommunications)
List of mobile network operators of the Middle East and Africa
Cyclic delay diversity
Umbrella antenna
Advanced Mobile Phone Service
Cheeka (dog)
Bharti Enterprises
LORAN-C transmitter Ejde
LORAN-C transmitter Malone
LORAN-C transmitter Jupiter
LORAN-C transmitter Havre
Generic Stream
Enterprise encryption gateway
Diversity gain
Coded mark inversion
Phone cloning
Telemarketing fraud
Frontier Telephone of Rochester
Tesco Mobile
Coaxial antenna
Communications service provider
Atlantic Broadband
Insulated Cable Engineers Association
EIA standards
Hoher Meissner transmitter
HTC Advantage X7500
PEnnsylvania 6-5000
Open Base Station Architecture Initiative
FairPoint Communications
Area code 671
MEF Forum
Onda Mobile Communication
Finger Touching Cell Phone
Data-dependent jitter
Hybrid ternary code
ECFS (cable system)
Virgin Media Ireland
Mobile enterprise
Mobile campaign
Mobile advertising
Customer Access and Retrieval System
Ground dipole
Friedrich Clemens Gerke Tower
Reading Works
Carso Global Telecom
Ad hoc wireless distribution service
Pogo Mobile and nVoy
Diversity coding
Do Not Call Register
Carrier of Record
ACN Inc.
Area code 000
Short Message Service technical realisation (GSM)
Hold (telephone)
Extended area service
Broadcast control channel
Border Gateway
Radio station
BT Italia
CDMA Chipsets
33 Thomas Street
Choke ring antenna
Tinsel wire
Initial Detection Point (telephony)
Multi-user MIMO
Area codes 587 and 825
White spaces (radio)
Area codes 418 and 581
Electronic Beats
Contention-based protocol
Dual SIM
Call gapping
ADSL loop extender
Gehrenberg Tower
Dual mode mobile
Telephone numbers in Spain
Call signs in New Zealand
Home Country Direct
Asda Mobile
Telephone numbers in Russia
Line hunting
Cooperative MIMO
Instant connect telecommunications
Alternate-Phase Return-to-Zero
Carrier-Suppressed Return-to-Zero
Dielectric resonator antenna
Frank and Gordon
Unity (cable system)
Choke exchange
Call volume (telecommunications)
Mobitel (Sri Lanka)
LEC billing
Ed Colligan
British telephone socket
Location-based advertising
General content descriptor
Call signs in India
U Mobile
Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications
Busy line interrupt
Holiday Pacific and Southern Tower
Call signs in Australia
TalkTalk Group
Telefon Hأ­rmondأ³
Continuous transmission mode
Random wire antenna
Communication Linking Protocol
Data rate units
Call avoidance
Carrier grade
Mattie's Call
Fascia (phone)
Integration of traffic data with navigation systems
All-number calling
Kongsberg Spacetec
Compaq Contura
Disconnect tone
DSL Rings
Inverted vee antenna
Fixed–mobile convergence
Element management system
TalkTalk Business
Cue tone
GSM 02.07
Folded inverted conformal antenna
LCR meter
Fixed Dialing Number
Rotary system
Mobile web analytics
Airplane mode
Ethernet over coax
Detect and avoid
BlackBerry Bold
Ring protection
List of future North American area codes
Telesoft Technologies
First long-distance telephone line
List of best-selling mobile phones
Telecommunications in Angola
Feature Films for Families
List of 2.4 GHz radio use
Solar storm of 1859
JAG Communications
Cooke and Wheatstone telegraph
Raymond W. Ketchledge
Hypertree network
Aeronautical Telecommunication Network
Kongsberg Satellite Services
IP Network Transformation
Control channel
T-Mobile US
All call
IDT Global Israel
LG Cookie (KP500)
AWX antenna
Freescale S08
Frank H. Woods Telephone Museum
Call whisper
Mobile ad hoc network
Direct Text Marketing
Adcock antenna
Essar Group
Calls per second
Bluetooth low energy
Easynet Connect
Digital Britain
Warid Congo
Certified Audio Engineer
Knowledge Generation Bureau
New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications
Apex Global Internet Services
Law Telegraph Company
Telephone numbers in Puerto Rico
Telephone numbers in the Dominican Republic
Bridgewater Systems
Customer Service Assurance
Advocacy Index
ACE (cable system)
Leonid Kupriyanovich
Ringback tone advertising
Sony Xperia
CERN httpd
Single-source data
IP audio codec
IEEE 802.1ad
Titan traffic database
Kamal Quadir
Critical Links
Radio frequency over glass
InfoCision Management Corporation
On hold messaging
Metamaterial antenna
Cramming (fraud)
Transmitter station
Nyquist filter
Comparison of HTC devices
List of National Inventors Hall of Fame inductees
Frequency offset
Area code 721
Residual carrier
Earth bulge
Greenlight (Internet service)
ANSI C12.21
CCIR System B
HUGO (cable system)
Mobile technology
Certified Video Engineer